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Each facial performed is done using the Eve Taylor line of skin care. This product line takes great pride in thoroughly researching their formulations, not testing on animals and free of Parabens, chemicals and artificial colours and scents. Used only by professionally trained Estheticians, these products work on a deeper level rather than cosmetically to give you real and effective results. All Eve Taylor products contain essential oils to achieve their glorious scents and to deliver results, so please let us know if you have any allergies!

We have amazing Estheticians that have various degrees of experience, skills, and talents :). That being said, the different levels shown below represent a provider’s internal goals here at the Urban Spa. For more information regarding the level system, check out our FAQ page!

Level 1:  Jordyn, Emma, Meghan

Level 2: Sarah, Shaelyn

Level 3: Jennifer, Jessica

Eye Treatment Add-on .....................................................................  $21

A deeply nourishing treatment to re-hydrate and brighten the eyes. With the use of high end serums and oils, fine lines will look diminished and your eyes will feel refreshed!

Facial Consultation (15-20 min)

$45 (Level 1)  |  $47 (Level 2)  |  $50 (Level 3)

This customized facial consultation is your gateway to better health for your face. Ideally you want to bring in the skincare products you are using so we can see what is working and what is not working. We will look at your objectives, your skin types (oily, dry, dehydrated, acneic, sensitive, mature) and recommend the best approach for you to care for your face. You may have pigmentation marks and rosacea and we'll show you how to deal with those concerns. - This reservation does not include a facial.

Urban Express Facial (3o min)

$51 (Level 1)  |  $53 (Level 2) | $56 (Level 3)

This customized no fluff facial is specifically designed to help freshen your appearance, revive your skin and is the perfect introduction for those that are new to facials.

Hydrating Facial (6o min)

$90 (Level 1)  |  $92 (Level 2) | $95 (Level 3)

Recommended for dry winter skin that requires moisture control. The key ingredient in this facial is Hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor produced by the body that holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water.  This naturally hydrates and plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ideal facial for those with Normal, Mature, Dry or Dehydrated skin or for Seasonal Facials

Purifying Facial (6o min)

$90 (Level 1) |  $92 (Level 2) | $95 (Level 3)

A deep cleansing, detoxifying facial designed for hormonal skin.  Gentle aromatic cleansers remove excess oil and debris followed with organic pineapple and papaya enzymes to gently clear and decongest the skin.  Powerful blends of essential oils reduce excess oil and inflammation while their natural antibacterial and antiseptic action reduce breakouts on the skin.

Idea facial for those with Congested skin, Excess Oil and Teenagers experiencing hormonal changes

Rosacea Facial (60 min)

$90 (Level 1)  |  $92 (Level 2) | $95 (Level 3)

 A gentle, corrective, facial for the most sensitive of skins.  A colloidal oatmeal cleanser soothes inflammation while a blend of essential oils, cools the skin and strengthens capillary walls.  This facial is completed with a cool gel mask.

Ideal facial for those with Rosacea, Acne Rosacea, Redness or Hypersensitive Skin

Urban Relief Facial (w/ Cold Stone) (75 min)

$110 (Level 1)  | $112 (Level 2) | $115 (Level 3)

This is a customized facial based on your skin type, with the added benefits of our signature cold stone treatment.  The contrast of hot and cold encourages cleansing and nourishment, pushing fluid and wastes out of the tissue. The coolness of the stones acts as a powerful decongestant to help diffuse inflammation, help relieve puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and improve skin tone.

Ideal for clients that also experience headaches, seasonal allergies, sinus congestion or inflamed and irritated skin

Signature Urban Facial (75 min)

$130 (Level 1)  |  $132 (Level 2) | $135 (Level 3)

This luxurious aroma therapeutic treatment is the ultimate facial using only the highest quality organic essential oils to treat both mind and body.  During your facial you will receive a double exfoliation customized to your skin type, Hot Stone relaxation massage to your neck and shoulders followed by a cooling masque customized to your skin type.  While the masque is working you will experience our Hot Towel Hand or Foot Exfoliation.  (let us know at the time of your booking which option you would prefer)

This facial is ideal for All Skin Types and those wanting some extra pampering :)

Advanced Facials – Book Now!

If this if your first visit with us, please select one of the above facials to start so that we can assess your skin, and help you choose the proper facial below for your skin type.  If we have already let you know which one is appropriate for your skin, welcome back, and feel free to book one of the advanced facials list below :)

Age Defying Facial (60 min)

$115 (Level 1)  |  $117 (Level 2)  |  $120 (Level 3)

A treatment designed for the those that need to lift and firm the skin.  Using the ultimate antioxidant, Co enzyme Q10 and signal peptides, this facial lifts, firms and hydrates. Includes Eye Treatment, Co enzyme Q10 & Cyrogenic Masque. This cold cyrogenic algae masque with Spirulina stimulates cell vitality, allowing an increase of the renewal of firming tissues.  It rejuvenates and energizes the skin cells.

Restore Facial (60 min)

$115 (Level 1)  |  $117 (Level 2)  |  $120 (Level 3)

A facial designed to help improve your complexion, by helping to re-hydrate and restore your skin to its natural lustre and improves its texture.  Include Eye Treatment, hyaluronic acid, & Bio Masque - The special algae combination of Guluronic alginate and Manuronic Alginate has a stronger moisturizing action while also providing intensive re-mineralization to leave the skin even more supple.

Radiant Facial (60 min)

$115 (Level 1)  |  $117 (Level 2)  | $120 (Level 3)

This treatment is designed for the those that need to reduce pigmentation and increase hydration.  Designed more for mature skin, that has been overexposed to sun damage.  Include Eye Treatment, Vitamin C serum, & Brightening Masque - A hydroquinone free whitening masque that contains biological plant extracts known for their whitening action.

Clarifying Facial (60 min)

$115 (Level 1)  |  $117 (Level 2)  | $120 (Level 3)

The advanced treatment is ideal for those that are struggling with  acneic skin and suffer from congested and blocked pores.  Ideal for Level 1 - 3 Acne.  Includes Eye Treatment & Clarifying Masque - Rebalance the skin by removing the impurities and excess of sebum.  Trace elements of zinc and sulphur absorb impurities and excess sebum.  Your complexion will feel fresh and light.

Advanced Peels – Book Now!

Packages Vary In Price

Advanced peels are custom designed for your skin types and area of concern. This is an advanced treatment series that are books in a package, not individually. In order to qualify for our advanced peels, you will need to have a facial consultation in order for us to properly recommend a treatment package for you. Please call us (705-741-1212) to book your consultation. Visit our Chemical Peels FAQ page.

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